Webpage for international clients viewed on a tablet.
Custom web page design for an event marketing business.



Website branding for sports ticketing application

Our client had recently launched a new ticketing app, in partnership with Ticketmaster®, and was in need of a brand identity.

With a strategy in mind, we designed a new logo and identity system, brand messaging, and a fully responsive SEO-friendly website to promote their new product and target sports teams across the United States to sign up for their advanced operating system.


Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Style Guide
Website Design

Logo design for sports ticketing app.
Wordmark design for an internal ticketing company based out of Rochester, NY.
Sports ticketing app branded mood board.
Mood board for a ticketing app, including brand colors, custom graphics, and imagery.
Brand identity guide for ticketing app called DPMSTix™, including logo versions, typography, and color palette.

Style Guide

We packaged our client's identity system into a brand style guide, including logo specs, typography, color palette, iconography, and patterns. This guide is used as a reference for internal teams, vendors, and others who are authorized to work with the DPMSTix brand.


Building a custom website layout begins with information architecture and wireframing. We used this as the visual guide for arranging pages and elements within the website.

Wireframeing and page layout for a responsive website on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
Website home page for a ticketing system partnered with Ticketmaster®.

UI/UX Design

Once the skeletal framework of the website was built, it was time to design the look and feel of each page, including colors, typography, graphics, and images.

Website Design

We developed an SEO-friendly website to increase online traffic, promote the new ticketing system, and target sports teams across the nation to sign up for the app.

Responsive web design for a ticketing system partnered with Ticketmaster®.
Ticketing App website design for DPMSTix™ located in Rochester, NY.

Client Testimonial

We've been using Josh as a contractor since 2016 and he's helped us on a number of design and development projects, including the work he did for DPMSTix. Using a typography approach, Josh designed a logo with vibrant colors and 2-D lettering to stand out from our competitors. The addition of the mobile ticket icon to the logo was a beautiful touch, as it resembles the purchase of a ticket on your mobile device. Josh also developed a fully responsive website that shows how our app works, through animated graphics. The whole brand identity reflects our company, what we do, and who we serve perfectly. We will continue to use Josh for website maintenance and future design projects. Clokendagger comes highly recommended!

David Erne

President, DPMSTix™