Website design on desktop and laptop.
Website design on desktop and laptop.

Private Chinese Tutors


Learning Chinese Made Convenient

Private Chinese Tutors provides private Chinese Mandarin lessons online to students of all ages. Clokendagger was hired to design them a brand that reflects the value of personalized and effective learning.

With a strategy in mind, we designed a logo and developed a fully responsive website that students can easily navigate for online lessons, scheduling, and pricing.


Logo Design
Web Development

Branded mood board for private Chinese tutoring.

Responsive Website

We developed a student friendly website with a personalized design to reflect the Chinese culture and allow for online scheduling of private lessons.

Responsive web design for online tutoring lessons..
Custom website layout using wireframes.


Building a custom website layout begins with information architecture and wireframing. We used this as the visual guide for arranging pages and elements within the website.


Once the skeletal framework of the website was built, it was time to design the look and feel of each page, including colors, typography, graphics, and images.

Website design for iPad.
Logo and website for private Chinese tutoring lessons.