SEO Strategy & Website Design

Aspen Ridge Lawn & Landscape


Reimagine Outdoor Living.

A full-service landscaping company struggled to update its outdated WordPress website, which needed a better user experience, a competitive keyword strategy, and a faster loading speed. The site also generated thousands of unnecessary web pages that didn't lead to conversions and negatively impacted the site's on-page SEO score.

Following an audit of the old site, we created a foundational SEO strategy and design to modernize the site while showcasing the client's vast services and expertise in the industry.

Foundational SEO

As the backbone of digital marketing, beginning with foundational SEO allowed us to successfully optimize the website to target and connect with users and search engines. From conducting keyword research to improving site speed, optimizing site structure and navigation, creating a sitemap, and ensuring URLs are clean and structured, we enhanced the site's visibility, which will, in turn, drive more traffic and conversions.

  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Content Distribution Sheet
  • Sitemap

Content Creation

Using SEO best practices, we created quality content that answered users' questions, addressed their pain points, and positioned Aspen as an industry authority. We established a brand tone of voice and key messaging aligned with their team culture and company values. We also launched a blog page to offer future opportunities for ongoing content creation that positioned them as thought leaders in their field.

  • User-focused Content
  • On-Page Optimization
  • SERP Positioning

UI/UX Design

Building a custom website layout begins with information architecture and wireframing. We used this as the visual guide for arranging pages and elements within the website. This allowed us and the client to experience the user's journey throughout the site and gave us a framework for the interface design.

  • Wireframing
  • User Interface
  • Design Attributes
website-wireframe-design-aspen-ridge-home-page-sm-1280×1470-1 website-interface-design-aspen-ridge-home-page-sm-1280×1470-1
responsive-website-design-aspen-ridge-before-sm-1280×720-1 responsive-website-design-aspen-ridge-after-sm-1280×720-1

Website Development

We developed a responsive, user-friendly website with a personalized design to reflect the Aspen Ridge brand. Additionally, a material calculator was added to help customers determine how much material they need for their landscape project.

Post Launch Audit

Following the site's soft launch, we continuously crawled and analyzed its performance to quickly identify any issues or errors that may have been missed during the development process, including any technical problems that could affect the user's experience. By addressing these issues early on, we delivered a more effective, user-friendly website and successfully achieved the client's goals.

  • Increased Organic Monthly Traffic 
  • 521 Pages Redirected
  • 0 Broken Links

Content Marketing

To maintain a high rank on search engines for targeted keywords, we provided blog posts based on trending topics within the industry, using fresh, engaging, and quality content.

  • Content Calendar
  • Blog Writing and Optimization
  • Custom Blog Headers & Graphics