Aspen Ridge Lawn & Landscape

Custom-built landscaping website with WordPress development and SEO. 

Aspen Ridge Lawn & Landscape

Landscape Website & Local SEO

A full-service landscaping company required assistance in updating its outdated WordPress website. The site needed improvements in user experience, competitive keyword strategy, and faster loading speed. Additionally, it generated thousands of unnecessary web pages that did not drive conversions and negatively affected its on-page SEO score.

After conducting a thorough site audit, we created an advanced SEO strategy and contemporary website design that highlights the extensive range of the client's services and products while enhancing the overall user experience.

Foundational SEO

As the backbone of digital marketing, utilizing foundational SEO best practices allowed us to optimize the website to target users and search engines successfully. From conducting keyword research to improving site speed, optimizing site structure and navigation, creating a sitemap, and ensuring URLs are structured and linking internally, we enhanced the site's visibility to drive more traffic and conversions.

  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Optimized Meta Titles + Descriptions
  • Sitemap and Wireframe

Content Creation

We updated the site's existing pages with fresh, optimized content that addressed users' inquiries and alleviated their pain points while also positioning Aspen as a thought leader in the industry. Our creation of a brand tone of voice and key messaging harmonized with their team culture and company values further solidified their position. Additionally, launching a blog page provided ongoing opportunities for target keyword strategies, improving the site's organic rankings and traffic.

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Messaging
  • Conversion-Focused Copy

User Interface Design

Building a custom landscape website layout began with information architecture and wireframing. We used this as the visual guide for developing page templates, allowing the client to experience the user's journey while navigating the site.

  • Wireframing
  • User Interface
  • Design Aesthetics
website-wireframe-design-aspen-ridge-home-page-sm-1280×1470-1 website-interface-design-aspen-ridge-home-page-sm-1280×1470-1
responsive-website-design-aspen-ridge-before-sm-1280×720-1 responsive-website-design-aspen-ridge-after-sm-1280×720-1

Website Development

We developed a responsive, user-friendly landscaping website with a personalized design to reflect the Aspen Ridge brand. Advanced features like a material calculator were added to help customers determine how much material they need for their landscape project.

Post Launch Audit

After the site's soft launch, we consistently monitored and analyzed its performance to promptly detect any issues or errors that might have been overlooked during the development process, such as technical problems that could impact the user experience. By addressing these issues early on, we were able to deliver a more effective, user-friendly landscape website and accomplish the client's goals.

  • Increased Impressions and CTRs
  • Improved SEO Health Score
  • Fixed Broken Links
  • Removed Outdated URLs

Content Marketing

To consistently improve the site's keyword rankings and organic traffic, we've created blog posts focused on how-to topics. This strategy aims to help the site rank for industry-related key terms rather than just the brand name, which will lead to more users discovering the site through general search queries.

  • Quarterly Content Calendar
  • Optimized Headers + Alt Text + Meta
  • Blog Writing

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