Lifecycle Brands

Food packaging design and logo style guide for energy-boosting supplement. 

“Josh and his team at Clokendagger were a pleasure to work with. They were able to brainstorm name ideas for my product and build a brand strategy that targets my ideal customers. I’m extremely happy with the final logo design and proud to showcase it on my social media channels. The product packaging that Josh designed is absolutely beautiful!”

— Bernard Cockhern, Owner of Lifecycle Brands

Lifecycle Brands

Supplement & Pouch Packaging

Our client had a fun idea: create a natural energy-boosting supplement to help young professionals refuel on the go! We were set with the task of developing a brand, product name, and food packaging design to connect with active lifestyles.

The solution began by designing a dynamic logo that complemented the brand and the product. From there, we created on-the-go pouches made from biodegradable PE film and wrapped them in beautiful colors.

The final design provided a fresh, appealing brand image that would outshine other packaging on store shelves, improving the product's point of purchase.

Brand style guide for Lifecycle Brands, including logo design, submark, typography, and color palette.

Logo Style Guide

We packaged our client's identity system into a brand style guide, including logo specs, typography, color palette, iconography, and patterns. The guide can provide a reference for internal teams, vendors, and others authorized to advertise with the brand.


Product Naming

Bloom is the product name we developed for Lifecycle Brand's energy-boosting supplement. The logo complements the brand and looks prominent on the packaging.

Logo design for Bloom, a meal replacement supplement using natural ingredients.
Creative packaging design for three flavors, including Strawberry, Vanilla, and Coffee.

Pouch Packaging Design

Available in three delicious flavors (strawberry, vanilla, and coffee), these healthy meal-replacement pouches are perfect for storing in gym bags, purses, or office cabinets, so customers can get a burst of energy whenever they need it most.

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