Homepage design for marketing agency viewed on a tablet.
Webpage development for marketing agency viewed on a tablet.

East Shore Marketing


A media agency that delivers results.

As a reputable brand that we've worked with on multiple occasions, East Shore Marketing reached out to us to re-design their website and develop an SEO strategy. Our main goal was to increase their online visibility with engaging content, including keywords, descriptions, graphic design, and website usability.

In just a few months, the project was completed and launched. Website traffic has almost doubled and the feedback we've received on the design and usability of the website has been very positive. We continue to blog monthly for East Shore Marketing and maintain the website through WordPress.


Website Strategy
Regional SEO
Website Design
Content Creation
Ongoing Blogging

Website inspiration for marketing agency, specializing in media advertising.
Website inspiration for marketing agency, specializing in media advertising.

Website Strategy

We held a discovery session to surface existing challenges and client pain points, determine project-specific goals and long-term goals, discuss services and products, identify customers, and pinpoint differentiators and competitors.

  • Discovery Session
  • Long-Term Goals
  • Primary & Secondary Customers
  • Competitors & Influencers
Website strategy, including a discovery session, user profiles, and project goals.
SEO services that will increase traffic towards your website, brand, customers, and products or services.

Regional SEO

We performed a site audit to see how the current website was performing and created a content strategy based on those metrics. Using SEO best practice, we developed keyword related content that reflects the salon's brand, services, and products, to increase website traffic within the local area.

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword List
  • Content Distribution Sheet
  • Voice & Tone Guide
Website UI design for mobile device.
Website UI design for mobile device.


Building a custom website layout begins with information architecture and wireframing. We used this as the visual guide for arranging pages and elements within the website.

Wireframing and page layout for a responsive website on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
Website services page mockup on iPad.


Once the skeletal framework of the website was built, it was time to design the look and feel of each page, including colors, typography, graphics, and images.

  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Design Attributes

Responsive Website

We developed a user-friendly website with a personalized design to reflect the East Shore Marketing brand. Additionally, a resources page was added for blog posts about industry-related topics.

Website design mockup on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.