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Thurston the Penguin


Arctic Adventures

When a client came to us with a surprise birthday gift idea for his wife that involved illustrating the cover for a children's book, we were thrilled!

The challenge here was to piece together a short story, including characters and plot summary, into one cohesive illustration.

Our solution was to create original artwork for the book cover that illustrated the story's narrative and identified the two main characters, Thurston and Wally.


Logo Design
Character Illustration
Book Cover Design

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When a giant storm hits the arctic glaciers, separating a pack of penguins during their migration north, it's up to Thurston and friends to find their way home.


The giant storm isn't the only danger within the arctic glaciers. When Thurston meets a friendly walrus, Wally, they soon discover that finding their way home could be an upslope battle.

Children's book charater design of Thurston and Wally in Arctic Adventures.
Illustration of a Penguin and Walrus floating on icebergs.
Custom book cover design for a children's book.

Book Cover Design

We used a playful typeface, cool colors, and a warm sense of friendship for the book cover to reflect the illustration style of the characters.

Children's book illustration and book cover design.
Children's book illustration and book cover design.

Client Testimonial

I recently worked with Clokendagger on a cover illustration for a children’s book. This was a book my wife had written as a child and the cover was going to be a surprise birthday gift. Josh at Clokendagger worked with me to come up with an absolutely amazing original cover design for the book. Throughout the process communication was excellent. Clokendagger definitely brought the characters in the book to life. My wife loved the original artwork. I would recommend Clokendagger for any graphic design needs. Josh and his team do amazing work and are great to work with!

Andy Stinson

Client, Thurston the Penguin