Another Branding Podcast?

Yes, but we promise ours is worth a listen. Join us as we uncover the truth about what makes good design vs. bad design, how to master typography, and why consistent branding influences greater customer engagement.

EP. 01

May 2021

EP. 02

June 2021

The Dynamic Duo Beneath the Brand

Young male professional wearing a black shirt posing in an outdoor setting.


The Expert

As the Founder & Brand Developer at Clokendagger, Josh oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company. With over ten years of experience in the design industry, Josh builds brand strategies and executes creative graphic design that helps clients stay competitive, relevant, and impactful.

Young female professional wearing a green shirt posing in an outdoor setting.


The Interviewer

Writer, editor, and content marketing expert, Olivia is a creative storyteller who believes the power behind a brand's messaging relies on clear, concise, and consistent copy. From pillar articles and optimized web copy to display ads, and email campaigns, Olivia has the SEO tools, resources, and experience to help you tell a compelling brand story that inspires engagement.