Another Branding Podcast?

Yes, but we promise ours is worth a listen! Join us as we uncover the truth about what makes good design vs. bad design. We’ll also explore tips on how to master typography and discuss why consistent branding influences greater customer engagement.

Season 1


The Dynamic Duo Beneath the Brand

Vector artwork of horror podcast co-host.


Host, Producer, and Designer

With over ten years of experience, this guy knows the deal when it comes to creative graphic design and website strategy.

Josh walks you through the basics of good vs. bad design and provides his audience with helpful exercises on how to improve your brand’s impact digitally, in print, and anywhere else in between.

Vector artwork of horror podcast host.


Co-Host & Writer

Olivia shares her insights on content marketing, user-engagement, and brand messaging.

As interviewer, she asks the questions you want answers to while adding a bit of wit and dry humor into the mix.