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Who We Are

We're a branding studio located in Rapid City, South Dakota. Your business is our focus, which means we want all the attention directed toward you. We'll help you promote your products and services while building more robust user engagement.

The dynamic duo beneath the cloke.

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Joshua Doty

Founder & Brand Developer

Josh oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company. With over ten years of experience, Josh is a professional graphic designer who builds powerful brand strategies that help our clients stay competitive, relevant, and impactful.

Throughout his travels as a professional graphic designer and consultant, Josh has collaborated with digital marketing agencies and creative influencers, including Brandography, Corning Museum of Glass, East Shore Marketing, and DPM Solutions.

He received his BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Graphic Design, including a Minor in Advertising. Josh is a member of The Futur Academy, where he continues to educate himself on industry news and design trends.

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Olivia Viterna

Content Manager & Writer

Writer, editor, and content marketing enthusiast, Olivia is a creative storyteller who believes the power behind brand messaging relies on clear, concise, and consistent copy.

From on-page optimization and blogging to brand messaging and storytelling, Olivia helps our clients build trust with users and spark engagement across multiple touch points.

Olivia writes for Clokendagger and is the co-producer of the “Beneath the Brand” podcast.

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Culture Keeper

Originally from Kentucky, Banner already has some extensive traveling under his collar. His bright personality keeps the office culture fresh and optimistic. Though he’d rather play fetch out in the park than stare at a screen, he knows the value of hard work and dedication.

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Where We Started

Launched in 2016, our journey began in Upstate New York. While there, we helped local businesses create unique brand stories with professional graphic design and development services. As our services expanded, so did our hunger for new adventures and a wider pool of small businesses in need of custom branding design and content marketing needs.

As our services expanded, so did our hunger for new adventures and a wider pool of small businesses in need of custom branding design and content marketing needs.

We decided to hitch a trailer to our car and head west toward the Twin Cities. After three years of residing in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we felt the itch again to move further west.

Where We Are

Today, our graphic design studio is located in the beautiful hills of Rapid City, South Dakota, where we have the privilege of serving small businesses with branding and design, content marketing, packaging, and more!

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