5 Ways to Improve Creative Leadership

June 23, 2020

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What Defines Creative Leadership?

The ability to problem solve when confronted with a complex issue or situation using a fresh, new approach.

1. Build Team Trust

Creating an open, honest forum with your creative team is the best way to gain trust and inspire their confidence. This way they're more willing to share ideas without fear of critique.

Most importantly, when you have an idea, share it and stick to it. Don’t propose a strategy or company process and expect them to follow through on it when you, yourself, do not. Make a plan and take the lead. Your team will follow!

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Silhouette of a business owner taking accountablity for his actions.

2. Be Accountable for Your Actions

Nobody is perfect and even creative leaders make mistakes. When this happens, admit your faults and work with your team to strategize the best solution forward. When you hold yourself accountable, you instill this same attribute in your team members. When they make mistakes or don’t hit the mark, they’ll own up to it, too.

3. Show Courage during Complex Situations

The world is changing. Don’t be afraid to have a little courage and try new strategies, tools, or take risks. If you work with subject matter experts on your team, ask for their perspectives or opinions. There’s a reason you hired them, right?

They’re there to support you and help you make the best decisions possible in terms of your industry, its best practices, and your clients. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice!

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Packaging designer sketching innovative ideas for a cardboard container.

4. Be Innovative and Strategic with Your Ideas

Stay hungry and keep updated on the latest news in your industry. Support your ideas with research and first-hand experiences. Want to try a new approach to graphic design, web development, or content marketing? Set up a creative project for your team to complete using a fictional brand. This will allow everyone to take some risks and enjoy some reward, all while gaining new experiences.

Be sure to encourage your team to share recent trends they learned, as well! Inspire a culture where people share and motivate their peers toward success.

5. Establish Core Values and a Company Culture

As a creative leader, it’s important to have a set of core values that define who you are, who you serve, and what you do differently. Having these principles established will help everyone in your company understand the brand mission and vision. And the more your team sees you living the company’s core values the more they will follow suit.

Establish Core Values and a Company Culture.

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