5 Tips for Leading a Discovery Session

August 19, 2020

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Wondering how to prep for a discovery session with a new client?

There’s a lot of planning and strategy that goes into the discovery process. Learn how to ensure you ask the right questions, understand the brand, and set the right tone for your creative project.

1. Pinpoint Challenges

Start your discovery session by asking your client questions about the type of challenges affecting the business. Ask about the client's customers. What are their needs and pain points? Next, discuss your strategic approach to effectively solving these concerns. 

Dart hit the target. Modern background. Minimalistic design.
A woman in a red jacket holding shopping bags.

2. Identify Customers

Create user profiles and user journeys to help define your client's primary and secondary customers by surfacing their jobs, challenges, and pain points. Include demographics, user goals, expectations, and desires.

3. Discuss Business Goals

Our job as a creative agency is to craft platforms that align our clients' business goals with their customers' needs. This is where we dig into the objectives for the platform, service, or product that we're offering and determine the best end result.

Creative agency and client discussing business goals at a table using pie charts.
A visual encapsulation of your brand’s voice/tone and look/feel, including textures, colors, typefaces, graphics, and imagery.

4. Define the Brand

Create a story and develop a personalty by defining the brand through key attributes, including voice & tone, look & feel, value propositions, customers, and cultural trends.

5. Develop a Strategy

Keep you and the client on the same page for completing the tasks at hand. Use the tips we discussed above to generate your strategy moving forward. Incude a timeline and a breakdown of project phases, especially if your client's needs are time sensative.

Brand strategy on a whiteboard with post-it notes and project timeline.

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