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How to Improve Packaging Design

Packaging is the most influential point of purchase in today’s retail space. Discover ways to improve your design and build better brand recognition.

1. Design Around the Edges

Guide the customers’ eye with typography that wraps or sits along the edges of your graphic design. Decide what the most essential component of the design should be (e.g. ingredients, tagline, product description, etc.) and use creative graphic elements to lead the user to that information.

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2. Clear Out the Clutter

Consider the size of your creative packaging. It’s likely you have less real estate to work with, so remember to keep the typography, patterns, and other design elements minimal. Packaging design is not meant to create artwork; it’s goal is to inform and engage the user with the product inside.

3. Build a Structural Hierarchy

Whether you decide to use headers, rule lines, or other design strategies to help break up the text, remember that formatting is an essential aspect of quality packaging design. It allows the reader to digest the information at a glance and find the content they’re looking for to make a final point of purchase.

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4. Enhance with Unique Finishes

Depending on the product you’re designing for, you’ll want to consider how the packaging materials will complement the overall design. For instance, if you’re designing for an upscale brand that sells quality chocolates, you may decide to design the packaging with a polished, shiny finish rather than a plastic or paper material. Match the quality of the packaging material to your brand’s image for better awareness and recognition.

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